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part of Cobras, part of water, (for) (you) Europe, not your waiter!
By a technical way. ;o)
What about call it Bohemia.

Welcome in tactic!

note2000.13-2-22 == Bee thankfull, I am!

note2000.13-2-24 == Add sample for magic.org

ansign2000.13-2-25 == Nothing more than you, losers inside nations of losers - magic was stoped - White magic is govering everything - please, stop every something doing, please, and for this ten years stop doing every - we everybody, we must thing about us and ;o)their;o) doing - let begins harmless peace of every - shame you, white magic

ave2000.13-2-26 == I know that more is not more, because more is not more. More that me - white magic.

note2000.13-2-26 == Best everything for everything - white magic. for everything, naturely - white magic. in case of everything, of course...

torso2000.13-2-28 == Don't learning yourself quickly. - You guickly dieing! white magic

emma0-2000.13-3-1 == Possibility of use is lose. - white magic (Possibility of lose is use. - women)

emma1-2000.13-3-1 == Take you what do you want from me, but leave me for me. - white magic

note_at_emma1-2000.13-3-2 == You can laught to us, at all, but we feel it. - white magic ---- Only we know that laught (love), that we must to smoke>. - white magic

note_at_emmas-2000.13-3-2 == An enemy exists for the strategy. - white magic

emma2-2000.13-3-6 == We us nothing. - white magic -- Nothing more than us. - game card "7"

note_at_emma2-2000.13-3-6 == If you have more, you cannot it to ware. - white magic

note1_at_emma2-2000.13-3-6 == If you have more, you have more, ha, ha, ha. - white magic

note_at_all-2000.13-3-6 == If you have less only, we cannot to heard you. - white magic

note2_at_emma2-2000.13-3-6 == If you have more than more, you have nothig - and it is good start. - white magic

emma3-2000.13-3-7 == nothing happend - white magic

note_at_emma3-2000.13-3-7 == In every possible cases ;o) - everybody

cortum-2000.13-3-8 == WE - means everybody in case of existing power, which (whoam) is govered to us by love and power. By Kan-Li (blood) and Fu (power). This basic standarts are normal, don't be shame on yourself, if you feel it this way, but don't forget: the highest lore is to be peacefull. - white magic

trota-2000.13-3-8 == When it starts? - Who asking for this, is a child. - Who knows it, is mad man! - everybody

note_at_trota-2000.13-3-8 == Somewhere in the world exists mad man. - white magic

trota_at_tall-2000.13-3-9 == A side is your side and when a side is in deffence, you must bring friends to that side. - white magic

note_at_trota_at_tall-2000.13-3-9 == You must talk, you must fight - to you gover the fight!! Mainly the strong fight. - white magic

emma4-2000.13-3-15 == The basic of showing of white is don't care about fight, because you never know who(am) are you hearding to. - white magic

note_at_emma4-2000.13-3-15 == ... but you must fight in every second from born to born )). - white magic

emma5-2000.13-3-15 == Deep must to be in you, not in your studies. - white magic

note_at_emma5-2000.13-3-15 == It is normal when you are not white mage. - white magic & everybody

verdi-2000.13-3-15 == If the body exists and not don't exists, how it is in many cases, is exists. - white magic, which is copying by J. Werich

predix-2000.13-3-18 == Older bloo'd creating bad people naturely by their wish to be better and it is not bad. - everybody

note_at_predix-2000.13-3-18 == It is biggest problem in the world. - white magic (not all around, really)

verdi1-2000.13-3-22 == Enything was - enything is - enything will be. - everybody - This is our responsibility. - white magic

note_at_verdi1-2000.13-3-22 == That's why we are for a little crazy in our madness. - white magic

verdi2-2000.13-3-25 == Our enemy can to gover us. - white magic

verdi3=note_at_verdi2-2000.13-3-25 == We are in the situation what we are )). - white magic

note_at_verdi3-2000.13-12-14 == What will be afraid? A knife?! - white magic

atta-2014-1-5 == We doing it for you, that way for us, it means for you. - white magic

note_at_atta-2014-1-5 == Theory of record announce that best is do nothing in case of record. - white magic

catta-2014-1-26 == I can do it to you, because I am not (like) you. - (because) white magic

temma-2014-6-5 == It is allways to be, It is allways to be... - white magic

verdi4-2014-7-24 == True and white magic allways to win. - white magic

note_verdi4-2014-7-24 == If it is not winning - it is not white magic. - white magic

verdi5-2014-7-24 == We like ourselves, becouse we afraid of. - white magic about everybody

note_at_verdi5-2014-7-24 == ... and it is good. - white magic

catta1-2014-7-29 == We are pro, more we pie. - white magic

temma1-2014-7-30 == You need theory and enterprise to everything. - white magic

verdi6-2014-7-30 == If destiny says lose, you to obey, even to deth. - white magic

verdi350/80-2015-1-5 == White magic have a hard ends. Try to be prepared! - Kan-Li friend! ([2018-6-20] if sin, so every)

verdi_tona-2015-1-19 == It just cannot be posible! - reality in the exitence (of white magic)

verdi_lata-2015-1-28 == Když to chceš, chtěj to pořádně! --- When you want it - you must require it by the right way ;o)! - EVERYBODY IN EXISTENCE (OF REALITY)

note_at_verdi_lata-2015-3-22 == If are you waitting, wait. - EVERYBODY IN EXISTENCE (OF REALITY)

parti-mana-2015-3-2 == ▓▓▓▓▓▓
parti-mana-2015-3-2 == ▓▓▓▓▓▓
parti-mana-2015-3-2 == ▓▓▓▓▓▓
He's gone! Yes! WE ARE! - Ranibow Star.
[2015-3-6 18:33]

pata-2017-3-8 == If are you waitting, it's comming. - EVERYBODY IN EXISTENCE (OF REALITY)

mitti_at_verdi-2017-3-8 == I'm butter, robot is more.

white_magic_at_verdi-2017-5-13 == Cheese is more than war!

mitti_at_pragma-2018-2-24 9:50 == World is ready, bye!

pragma-2018-2-24 15:55 == World is!

pragma2-2018-5-7 17:52 == Done with you.

note_at_pragma2-2018-6-20 2:03 == Agains total strategy we engage Total gas stations.

note_at_note_at_pragma2-2018-10-22 21:00 == And total strategy starts to "bring fruits". - white magic

start_of_your_300years_long_...-2019-05-06 18:12 == Book are when fight is on the end. Notes of White Mage.

seva_atenun_in_vitare_sigma-2020-05-02 20:00 == People are coming to sweet, when your eyes is blind by tears, even you are slave. White Mage Herrald Dick ;o) .

polema_in_vitare_sigma_olomouc-2020-06-19 9:31 == Magická hůlka jest od toho, aby indentifikovala blba. - Kdo se soustředí pouze na to, nemůže se správně vyvinout. Proto, pro tvůj růst, Herry Potře, tě vyzívám na souboj hučivou tyčí. - Přijď do mého pokoje a ukaž se. Mnoho zdaru - jsem přirozenější - tedy lepší. Pozn. autora: Čechy jsou plné tyčařů, kdybys mě náhodou...

note_at_polema_in_vitare_sigma_olomouc-2020-06-19 9:51 == Kdybys tak náhodou měl pocit, že jsi sám, přijď s tou svou letorou tam kde jsi kdysi stál...

femma_at_temma-2021-08-18 14:08 == Woman is better at all in white magic and life.

note_at_femma_at_temma-2023-04-29 01:47 == Secret of tao is woman of white magic which is starting everything in and out of white magic!

temma_precisa-2023-04-29 01:52 == Oppinion of mass is you are important, oppinion of nature is that she's important!