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In the time of past tens of heros, goes yours God to hell to ask if somewhere isn't better! ;o)

[2015-5-16 14:57] In the times of broken swords and promises, was massage dedicated to you by Party of Round Table wrote to this file. Take above that Europe is holly foul and was normal in the time of borning America only. Thats why, that they want to stop the life at all (hole quadrant), and we must to stop them through law (what can we judging through Shredinger's cat complex now). And through cards: use Tarum, not Tarot (you can see a difference). So Have a lucky day!

[2023-04-12 16:08] In theese times ends human's rights to rights. Warebear, white magician, Satan, Rachel Valas. Nature gover to this World from now, fuck off zoo!!! .!.

P.S.: What does your do, when your doesn't believe?! ;oD

[2021-09-02 23:04] P.P.S. Schrödinger's cat comes tomorow to open ex-box of her to play with you like with peace of paper - you Mr. Paper. Mr. DAT!!!!