Here in CZech Republic is GMT+1 in winter and GMT+2 in summer. Thanks for attetion... The Or

What happend in Quiet Revolution, to theese days? How to write down and don't be marked as a paranoic.
So MANY, MANY thing was happend in last months. The most important was that nobody from you was heard. That's good! Their plan is start fight between youngs and then chain it down. It's really important to figure out, that in post-communist countries is now "peace" and you have "nowhere to hide". Explan of radicals all around the world was, modeling both societies to peace and not shooting to demostrants. Now they have no reason to shoot, and no reason to don't shoot. Please be quiet. Thank you for understanding. It's peace now... The Or

Nobody wants to be a cancer? Hm, Want I can do now...
(To nonradicals fans of this site, I am more famous between "nonradicals fans", than between you, radicals ;o).

Last massage is not critical and I am dement ;o).

20.1.2012 cca 1:30 (+0GMT)
Astral basics of secret services, was ended (bad and good together). Have nice day. It's up to you ;o). Make !komunit! section in all political parties. Join it!
4:41 (+0GMT(winter time in czech))
Now when I thinking about my first critical new in Quiet Revolution Summary 1, I find that in the moment when was clear that comunism fell down in Europa, they bring to you a Status Quo for using drugs and radicalism, and now they want only chain it down (after some preparings 10-20years). So my reason is let yours Status Quo live and be quit, let the today's focus of your sociates live forever!

1x( 1x( 2x( 1x( 1x( 1x( 1x( 9x( 2x( 6x( 1x( 1x( 1x( 19x( 1x( 3x( 2x( 1x( 1x( 7x( 8x( 4x( 1x( 2x( 2x( 2x( 1x( 1x( 23x( 3x( 3x( 4x( 2x( 2x( 101x( 56x( 17x( 21x( 4x( 7x( 3x( 41x( 1x( 1x( 1x( 1x( 7x( 2x( 3x( 17x( 5x( 1x( 3x( 154x( 1x( 4x( 5x( 3x( 2x(

y2015-m5-d12 21:41 theHAPPYendOFrealREVolution ;oD G-:

If you interested of author of this or consequences of Quiet Revolution see root.

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in any sense - yours brain is working? WWW.THE-OR.CZ 2014-08-10 uff, may be.

And between sentences of God, you can find a thruth.

God don't want to tell you a thruth!

... because you will to die, if he will! ;o)

2021-01-23 4:26 Political Happy end of politics! ;o) in QR+! (Nobody knows where Black hole is (maybe in our Sun (through resume of fysisists), maybe in Deth Star (through resume of film makers)), but everybody knows where's today thruth of people's goverment - in basics! - That's God! Thank you Mr. Donald Trump!) God's son. - white NEGR - Jehovah
2021-04-10 Today we can celebrate BIG STOCK DOWN in AD2077. Surpriced? Surprice!!!! Jen Né Fér (in CZ) & Battle Mage (Tant & Magic Urquell)
2021-09-02 18:51 Today starts judges with ...ismuses throgh psychia. ...ismuses (for expl. komunism or fashism) (psychia. ...ismuses may to live with u.s.)! Ex-cheef of Czech State Secret Safety, what it depend to in every cases! Sartori is GAY and it is hard psychia. desease, Mr. Sartori! ;o)
2021-09-02 22:47 Upwerts done!!!! Thanx for cooperation, all of you.
2023-01-09 20:10 In listen of Lamb find I a beast. A beast sitting between microphone in my room and reproductor somewhere. Meanwhile many microphones, for my lucky. At the Status Quo At Etera Liva in Plenum Quidi Esetum Stadium! Quo Vadis is small problem - smaller then me or U.S. Needings of U.S. (like North America and Europe in a partnership close to EU - close to U.S., how we're saying in these times...
2023-03-16 12:28 GMT+1 In listening is list, in list is the listening of God or parents (but what really want to it)! Here is true about EU and world fight, and here is true about America and peace, and together let's to fight about U.S.! This Quo Vadis problem is needed to acknowledge of a speed of light from ADF. Acknowlege of dimensions in fysisist is the way of true about world love dimensions ;o). White, Satan, meanwhile Harkonen
2023-03-28 13:45 GMT+2 Status Quo reached at PN Dobřany department 32B.!!! Please be patient in sacrifice!
[2023-04-12 16:08] GMT+2 In theese times ends human's rights to rights. Warebear, white magician, Satan, Rachel Valas. Nature gover to this World from now, fuck off zoo!!! .!.!!! Please be patient in sacrifice!
[2023-09-14 06:35] GMT+2 After showing, for what is it for their wife's lovers (so TV too ;o) ), was engange an entourage, in which cann't craftsman orientate hisself. And theese way am I claiming: Sheeps becomes to Wolfs (said Good-Bye to lovers)!!!! ;o) Have a nice day... The Or

Nandáme to pérům
nedáme jim vlkost,
nandáme to pérům,
ukážem jim prudkost!!!! ;o)
[2023-11-05 15:43] GMT+2 ... and here is results: for million attack by knife maked by girls to 18years by this night of long knifes (like normal knife to little girl) and for 200,000 attacks by ceramic knifes with something like a vendeta for divorsing of childern!!!! code name: Madam Batterfly (centralization for fight with organizated crime (department: yellow terror (code name: Emishi)) Police CZ) - so, repeat with me:

Nandáme to pérům
nedáme jim vlkost,
nandáme to pérům,
ukážem jim prudkost!!!! ;o)

... přidejte se babi!!!
[2023-11-28 18:15] GMT+1

Welcome, and one's more, welcome to Satanist W.O.R.L.D.

[2024-01-20 11:45] GMT+1

Happiness comes through Bad(t)Mans!

Our organization Sitting Muhamad trully simpatizate with Ón-shinry kjó, Tamils Tigers, International Day of Mothers, O.S.N., Muslim State or Status, Black Hooks, KuKuk clan, Izrael and every other terroristick organization of the World. Without Them is World boring party with boost and whores inside a problem how to pay a bills (ADF). Terrorism is fun Fran, how otherway show a woman wisdom, full of no need love (by today meter). One way of point of women: Whats about give good sex, ladies. (Take it for training, aerobic is old thing of Tai-Chi agriement.) Take it easy not like President, everything else is confident. (o; B=B ;o)