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Ve jménu EU, otce, syna i ducha vlasti:
... tuhle mě napadlo: Úsporou ke schizofrenii!
Takže až ozubíme ozubená kola - vymítíme vládu schizofrenie.
(... aspoň tu nepřirozenou...)
Doufám, že to uhrajete na schizofrenii Schrödinger's cat complex (Diagnóza: V evropské společnosti je velice rozšířen komplex Schrödingerovi kočky způsobující zatemnění mysli a následně mnoho psychiatrických chorob způsobený okolnostmi komlexu Schrödingerovi kočky - nechuti k životu, halucinacím a snům spůsobenými zatajováním informací ať už jedincem samotným nebo je to druhotně antropologicky získané ze společnosti.) , protože jinak se musíte nechat zavřít do blázince pro pokus o sebevraždu.
Já v tom nechci žít, tak jsem blázen. A vy undergroundisté byste mohli bejt třeba psychiatři. (pozn. autora: pozor na šibaly a šibalky - myslí, že to co není součástí jejich schsofrénie je podvod. Hustý co? Be Cool!
[2015-4-11] Po nenadálých příznacích fingované války, uklidnil se pacient na bázi ničeho, doporučuji převedení paměti s kombinaci věci, místa, věci. ;o)

[2020-03-13] Po behaviorální antice byl tento týden instalován Pavlův reflex na člověka. Slizký krok pro člověka - pravda věčná. NEVER EVER FEVER! ever, ever

[2020-01-04] Když to tak vidím, tak jsem člen (pravého)undergroundu a ten, kdo to nechápe, je můj nepřítel. Toť můj národ!

[2022-04-20] Blázen bláznovi bláznem! DUD Valas (Bílý, Satan, The Or, Boží syn) ([2022-09-14] Budiž mu domov s mámou lehký! ;o) Rekl.: KOLBY)

Dada poems not about safering only of Martin Kreag (CZ).
něco o konci máyského kalendáře v roce 2012
PF 2022
Pravda či definice o BOHU!
Kan-Li - rozborka, sborka!
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sbírka OBRAZY
Pozvánka do internetového chrámu
Žákovská knížka tohoto světa.

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2011-9-7 12:00:10
Today we celebrate start of World Famous Quiet Revolucion+.
Every undergrouds, anarchists, hipies etc., when you want to protest - be quiet.
Thank you for understanding...
(... and we don't affraid of(to) ourselfs...)

2014-7-28 8:56
Ave together. Good work... Main you, 3rd from left ;o).
Quiet Revolution ends by moral war. I wish good solution to every man or woman on this planet. It was dangerous times theese 2014.

2014-8-14 9:57
Ave together. Good work... Main you, 3rd from right ;o).
Definetly: A million years old kommunist man says: In this case I must lose. (This is kommunist way - by sacrifice in law. Kummunism is utopia, but kommunist man won many battles on(for) side of goodness.)

2014-8-15 11:31
Ave together. Good work... Main you, menace - 3rd from left ;o).
If you can see, it is nice morning with nice "grass" in my hand. I don't know if They still thinking. I think that we can do enything with Them now. More we can start BUCCAGEE REVOLUTION. If it is written wrong, I am sorry - it not my style, but it's enough...
Ends tears from Avvillon, which have a honor to fall on planet Dune. Live in awe and be good. Here on planet Dune becoming biggest battle between good and evil. Thanks for fun to Europa in before.

2014-8-16 15:55
Voices hanging the biggest joke all over the worlds, in all nations and of everything living: Psychiatrist cannot be insane! Give it for better, my friends ;o).
Battle ends by winning of goodness naturely and of course on TJ Lokomotiva Pilsen Czech Rep. ;o).
Whichers are dead forever. Ashouls - atack after battle ;o). Classic meanwhile. ;o).
Evil whichs are dead too. Classic meanwhile. Before his mother ;o).

2014-8-18 5:00
Mornarchy is dead. Now we must to find how They do it ;o). Best for karma. Thanks for understanding.
2014-12-22 11:24
What about limited monarchy with secret election of a King.

2014-8-18 15:40
Ave together! 7 yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeears loooooooong in time - - ends now - - throoooooowing towels to rrrrrrrrrrrrrring. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

2014-10-6 19:32
TWEIN is dead.

2014-10-14 8:18
Beer only for wanted! (want it ;o)

2014-10-14 8:18
We are again and again. Thanks a lot, we don't want anything. SHARPS+!
[2015-5-16 8:41] Moment of showing by a definition: We love women by the way, how they hate themselfs by men of Others. SHARPS

2014-12-26 14:55
The End (of Star Wars - Thank you Earth, are you crazy?! ;o)

2015-1-4 00:52
... and peace start to gover in Shire. Thanks to Kan-Li - friend.

2015-1-7 10:50
It was here - Kan-li treachery. Kan-Li friend. (Imperium law was feated! 2015-1-29)
[2015-4-27 19:40]There was chain down revolt of wises! Check your wife by fi(r)st. K.-L.-special

In the year of (19)78 starts new story named New Age. Enjoy it!

2015-1-10 6:02
Impérium: done. Treachery ends, thanks for her :Kan-Li.
[2015-1-29 16:57]

2015-1-23 21:18
We are going to bend a stave. Fasten your seat belts, please. ;o) god

2015-1-29 17:04
It hard to keep up on women fairly! ;o) INNUNNAN!

2015-2-2 17:17
Don't you think, that anger is contagious, backward note? Tazman devil.

2015-4-15 10:17
Little fistes in little darkness
You, backward note? Tazman devil.

2015-4-15 10:17
Little fistes in little darkness
You my little underground,
you my little Saints,
you my little underground,
you my little pants.
I doesn't were it, thanks!

2015-4-21 7:22
Do not write it - or to write it down - dead is a question. HappyPaers. ;oD

2015-4-25 20:24
Little undergroud is dead! 1000000 years old udergroud so lives!!!!!!!! Solved! Uff! Howgh, Simple. ;o)


2015-5-8-13 20:19
Omega, omega - sigma Olomouc! ;o0 to America: Please - affraid of europiens Sredinger's cat's complex!

2015-5-27 16:08
moral war ends. winner: soap. ;o)

2016-11-25 13:34
finaly done, to mama africa

2016-12-5 14:36
Women is free.

2016-12-28 15:44
Done! 1

2017-4-9 13:12
This is the end.

2017-5-13 21:04
I´m king of cider.

2017-5-14 16:28
King is dead - let to live.

2017-5-27 16:06
Scurut-hai done.

2017-6-3 2:10
Electroshock therapy overrided.

2017-6-5 22:19

2017-6-13 5:53
... and start to dieing, you elfs.

2017-6-25 7:57
... and sun rise above our Moana.

2017-7-5 12:00
... and Android is in Czech sirenas.

2017-8-5 2:15

2017-8-17 14:09
Done, Don.

2018-1-12 20:27
Big war began!

2018-1-27 18:16
Greatings, sire.

2018-2-14 11:41
Thank you.

2018-4-5 20:08

2018-9-20 19:13 - 2019-01-12 7:45
KILLER LOOP - moments before detonation.

2018-12-15 4:39
So what, so rich. Czech Public. ;o)

Don't panic, find the higher finds. Douglas Adams

Point of points: Lap C. Douglas Adams ;o)

2019-01-02 8:50
PULP FICTION NOTE: One Talbot - no (one) car of emergency! ;o)

2019-01-30 8:10
... and on the end close the librarian white book and says: "Oook!" (what means internet is free ;o))

2019-02-13 14:45
... and Laura Palmer is new queen of USA. Have a nice cocain, Laura.
[2021-04-03 11:56] The wolf wants to be a wolf? Bear!

{ 2019-05-15 9:29
We living under pearls,
`we living under sea,
we living under Earls,
we living under pie.

2019-07-17 2:48
From dogie style to mistr of the universes! Have a nice day!

2020-02-08 10:24
Vine is dead! (alcohol not)

... let live a vine!

2020-02-15 20:32
... how for Zéman (thru his pronansiation):
Vy jste blbý Češi,
udělejte kaši,
mi k vám přijdem na návštěvu, (by tank)
budete zas machři!

2020-03-03 13:43
... for a little - chiana joke:
Welcome to coffeedrom!

2020-03-17 16:10
For Ann Lance from Thor's Leg:
... I love it!
It's raining now.
... I love it!
It's rain in our!

2020-03-30 10:25
Band is dead - ADF not ;o) .

2020-04-10 04:35
Stanislavskij is dead! Thanks to goods and RU(R)sia.

2020-04-30 22:27
I am a doctor,
who is more?
I am a doctor,
who is Door!?

2020-06-27 23:09
For her Qeen we going up and down,
for the slave we doing all around!
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXSir Martin Vojtěch the Happy I.

Who's West!
Who's best!
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXSir Martin Vojtěch the Happy I.

2020-11-18 9:04
It's our session,
it's our mission,
it's our magician!

2020-11-26 12:22
It's starts when we was little kids, free spirit and all above. My faith was low - not like me now - what is not undestandable in white faith;
What else?:
Defeat you all,
defeat you, Paul!
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXEteema Edeema Fara Harkonen ;o)

2020-11-26 12:22
I am a shitter!
I am a bitter,
for a Little,
killing in a FUN!

2021-07-29 23:24
How big Slavia fun am I - so let me introduce new insignias of Czech Soldiers. Let's to see to:

2021-08-14 14:59
Asian Dub Foundation - Access Denided: Situation is critical - borrow me your bicycle!
Note of author: by Zéman's pronanciation - normal poem, but by English pronanciation - DADA!

2021-09-10 7:52
Fool's poem for actrins special Angelina Jolie!
I'm trying! (for The End)
I'm crying! (for every man in TV world)
... to elsewhere be with you! (in TV only!!!!)

2023-01-27 00:00 done. For my Lordin Medula as Björk is signing about. So, it's time for U.S. Let to cellebrate...
27th January will be to memorable like a international Family Day!

6.2.2023 20:30
Upřímnou soustrast zkáze, kterou způsobila česká umíněnost, lze vyjádřit pouze jedině: daruji $1,000,000,000,000 Sírii a Turecku - protože se stydím, že jsem Čech. Prorok Mohamed

2023-02-09 14:47 GMT+0
Like a Srí Lanka Budha Toroto by my wants-don't-wants existecy in Evropa, exatly in Czech Republic, (because was I more twice emigrate to Srí Lanka) make by my wants-don't-wants budhistic safer, that Srí Lanka has the monopol for growing spice there only! Toroto
P.S. We meet ourself there allways, World!

2023-02-11 14:47
PRESS IN DENT is dead! Lets to live voting King by people! Douglas Adams

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